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Thermal printer


Automatic printer with heat transfer onto paper or corrugated cardboard

General description

The machine works in a completely automatic manner, lifting the sheet or the precut blank from the relative loader, it moves it to the printing station and once the operation has been completed it places it in the relative warehouse. With every sheet the loader moves upwards, while the warehouse of printed sheets moves downwards.

As an optional, the machine can be supplied with all mechanisms necessary to work manually all of the formats that are difficult to move automatically.

Technical description

The collection system can be selected from paper to corrugated
cardboard. Thickness of the sheet from 0.1 to 4 mm.
Maximum dimensions of the sheet 1000x1400 mm.
Maximum printing dimensions 120x260mm.
Maximum capacity of the loader 350 Kg.
Maximum height of the loader 900 mm.
Production per hour: 400 pieces.
Heat plates in the dimensions requested, with heat regulation up to 200 c.
Pressure regulation of compressed air.
Regulation of printing time of the translation/grip stroke.
Progress of the automatic motorised belt sensor of the sheet grip.
Control sensor of the breakage/end of the belt.
Programmable piece counter.
Power installed 2,5 Kw - 380V 50 Hz.


Encumber measures:

- Length: 3,3 mt
- Width: 1,4 mt
- Height: 2,4 mt

- Weight: 700 Kg

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