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General Description

The humidifier EDY JET has been designed for use in the field of textile industry, in order to satisfy the needs of humidification in environments, allowing both the elimination of dusts and the recovery of humidity by the yarns and the textile fibres in general. The main feature of this accessory is the automatic cleaning of the nozzles, which eliminates frequent maintenance problems that usually occur on other types of devices.

Available accessories:
- Safety system against water leaks.
- Unit with humidistat and programmable timer.

Technical Features

The EDY JET humidifier only requires compressed air and water from a normal water supply present in the installation environment, for its operation. No connections to the wiring systems are required. It is important to specify that the water shall not be sweetened or softened, because all the nozzles of the humidifier are self-cleaning. This feature allows for a drastic reduction in terms of all maintenance work normally required on other types of devices and/or plants. The working principle is very simple; by mixing the two incoming fluids the water is nebulized in the environment by releasing micro drops of about 15 micron, thus generating humidity in the air without any danger to people or machines below. Between one and four nebulisation nozzles can be fitted onto each device. Only one humidifier with four nozzles is sufficient for a room of about 100 sq.m. and 5 metres high. It produces humidity at 80% at 20C. For larger rooms a higher number of devices may be installed, thus creating, according to requirements, controls through units equipped with humidistat and timer for controlling every single humidifier one by one, if necessary.


Last up date gen 25 2008

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