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General Description

The SPIRAX machine produces twisted and spiral yarns in a continuous or discontinuous way. The machine is equipped with a hollow spindle for each position, on which the special flanged bobbin or different types of truncated cone bobbin can be mounted. The fancy effects produced on the yarn are controlled by a computer. A randomness can be programmed in order to avoid the repeatability of the effects. The machine is both simple and technologic, because it manages to combine easy use with electronics and motorisation of the latest generation, thus allowing very high production speeds also on very fanciful articles. SPIRAX can be equipped, in a simple way, with accessories for the application of glitters and beads of different types and sizes on twisted and spiral yarns.

Technical Features

SPIRAX is a modular machine. The double-front version has 12-position modules; the single-front version has 6-position modules, both with 220 mm gauge. The hollow spindles are operated by a tangential belt. The delivery roller, placed under the spindles, is operated by a brushless motor. On every single position there are 3 control sensors. If one or several work threads should break, these sensors either stop the machine or simply attract operator's attention for intervention. The production speed for continuous yarns attains up to 50 m/min. Spooling is carried out by means of a splined roller on a 6-inch truncated cone reel. The feed creel is placed in front of the machine. It feeds every single reel with up to 3 threads.


Last up date gen 25 2008

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