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General Description

The SPIROSOFT machine was born from the demand to preserve the softness of the thread that is created from a steaming machine. Normally after this phase the thread is collected by traditional winders, on conical trunk reels to the detriment of softness. However the SPIROSOFT collects the thread on soft rings ready to be moved onto the subsequent processing phase.

Technical features

The machine consists of a simple completely autonomous work place. As shown in the figure, several machines can be coupled, according to space and production requirements. All the work parameters can be electronically set. The collecting speed varies from 50 to 400 metres/minute.

The realised packaging weighs about 8 kg.
220 Vac single-phase electric power supply; 1.5 kW installed power.
A compressed air supply of 8bar is needed as well.
The overall dimensions are the following: 60 x 60 x H 178


Last up date gen 25 2008

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