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General Description

The SY/16B machine has been designed with an eye to versatility. It can, in fact, space on belts fabrics of various widths, rope standard and tubular fabrics as well as various sizes of yarn such as sewn chenille. For this purpose it is equipped with a wide range of interchangeable shafts. The machine is supplied with a feeder creel and a special gripper that can be used to stop and then and then to intervene on a single head while the machine is working.

Technical Fearures

The standard machine comes in three versions, with 16, 32 or 48 weaving heads controlled, by means of a tangential belt, by a single motor. It is equipped with a drive cylinder for the processed yarn that is located under the weaving heads. The yarn is collected on cylindrical cones with a run of 145 mm and a maximum winding diameter of 200 mm. The feeder creel is installed over the machine and can feed up 3 threads to each head. Production speed varies from 4 to 8 mt/min for each head depending on the type of yarn produced. The speed of the machine can be adjusted electronically; the density of the stitches can be adjusted used the gears.


Last up date gen 25 2008

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