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General Description

The machine SY/48 SB is the lastest creation of TEMAT; it allows you to obtain more complex yarns thanks to the advanced technology in the range of sewing yarns. The whole machines is controlled by means of o PC of new generation allowing the operator both to program the working parameters and to guide the movement of 4 mobile bars so as to obtain intermittent effects, which are fully programmable by the operator. The operator has also the possibility to set a randomness that avoids repeatability of the effects. Therefore it is possible to combine easy use and working reliability with a lot of different effects on the yarn.

Technical Features

The machine is made up of 16-positio-modules arranged on two working face. The machine can be configured with a minimum 16 positions up to maximum 96 positions spaced of 165 mm. On of the main technological innovations of this machine is a patented system allowing the operator to easily and rapidly work with the running cylinder rotating or stopped. Consequently; the yarn can packaged on spindle and on cylindrical package. The machine is always fitted with the spindles, while the device for cylindrical package has been designed to the easily and rapidly assembled onto the machine only when it is needed. The machine is equipped with two feeding cylinders of the yarn to be processed and a drawing cylinder of the yarn produced. In the event that one of the work yarns should break, a pneumatic system stops automatically the relevant position and disengages the feeding cylinders. The production speed of every single position varies from 4 up to 8 mt/min according to the type of yarn produced. The machine can produce yarns from NM 2 to NM 24. All working parameters are controlled by means of a PC that controls also the spindle creation and the fancy effects of the mobile bars.


Last up date gen 25 2008

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